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10 Mistakes No Bride Should Make

Updated: Apr 5, 2023

1. Don't forget to check the venue’s sound restrictions

If you are looking for an all-nighter – i.e. a party that goes on until 5am – do not forget to check with the venue that this is actually possible. Many venues are subject to sound restrictions and will have a curfew. Make sure it’s one of the first questions you ask your chosen venue. There might always be another option – like moving to a more private area within the same venue.

2. Don't work to an inflexible budget

Transparency of costs is a big deal for us as wedding planners. It’s great to get a ballpark figure from brides to kick off the planning process, but that figure should still be quite considered and thought out. It needs to be realistic – a good planner should be able to get you there – and it should include enough flexibility to allow for a change in plans. It might be that you find your dream band who are a couple of thousand euros more, or you’ve decided to invite more guests than you initially thought. You shouldn’t look at your first budget as the final one; instead plan in enough wiggle room for you to be able to make more spontaneous decisions or to build in contingency plans.

3. Don't ignore logistics and installation times

A lot of people don’t think about logistics until it’s too late. That might be arranging transport between the church and a reception venue, but it could be on a much bigger scale, too. For example, choose a location with transportation links as well as accessible for the elderly ones. Second, installation times are something too many COUPLES ignore. Most venues will give couples an allotted amount of installation time – and many will say 30 minutes to an hour is enough, but it isn’t always. We recommend touching base with your suppliers to find out how much time they think they need, then communicating that back to the venue so you can negotiate an arrangement that works best for everyone.

4. Don't disregard the guest experience

We believe this is the most important element in a successful wedding. It should be a priority, therefore, to think about how your guests are going to experience the day and whether you’ve done everything in your power to ensure the day runs smoothly for them. That might include something like logistics between the church and a reception venue, or it might be a little less tangible – like how you’re going to make the transition between dinner and dancing. That said, we wouldn’t do anything that compromises your own happiness – we, at Escape Eventos, will be able to help you strike the right balance between the two.

5. Don't forget to make a weather plan

Having a weather plan in place is so important, not only for rain but also for extreme heat. Not enough couples factor in the idea that it might be a heatwave, so it could be prudent to offer shadier areas – like an extra marquee or indoor space – or more refreshments or air conditioning. No day is totally under your control, so it pays to make room in the budget or the arrangements to account for the different kinds of weather.

6. Don't mismanage the guest list

One of the biggest mistakes we see making is over-inviting guests assuming that a certain number of people will RSVP no. Then, suddenly, they’re over capacity at their chosen venue and having to change the location or facing an uncomfortable conversation around dis-inviting people – neither of which are good options. Most people who are invited to a wedding feel touched enough to want to come. Build your dream guest list – your ride or dies – and then, if some people do RSVP no, you can see if there’s room/time to do a second wave of invitations. Over-inviting only encourages more stress.

7. Don't dismiss hiring a videographer

Photographs are important, but a videographer captures your wedding in a way no one – or no other medium – can. It’s so special being able to watch it back and seeing people interact. Think of it this way – a photograph of your dad making a speech is a lovely memory, but a video clip where you can hear him talk is so incredible. Imagine watching it back 30 years from now…

8. Don't forget a hair and make-up trial

Feeling like yourself on your wedding day is all in the preparation, and hair and make-up isn’t something you’d just ‘wing’ on the day. Knowing exactly what’s going to happen on the morning will put your mind at rest and take so much stress out of the day. If you go ahead with a hair and make-up trial, find someone who can do both well and ask them how long the look you’ve agreed on takes to create from start to finish. Also, really milk the trial. Experiment with a couple of looks and make sure they’ve presented you with more than one option. Also do your trial on a night when you want to go out – then it will definitely be money well spent.

9. Don't underestimate the open bar quote

Make sure your catering costs include the open bar quote for the whole duration of your party. Also make sure good wines, cocktails and spirits are included. A good option to lower costs is having two signature cocktails, Hers and His.

10. Don't skip breakfast

We see way too many brides not eat the day before because of stress or nerves, and many of them skip breakfast in the morning too. Then, after a glass or two of champagne on an empty stomach, they get to the ceremony and feel weak or faint. We're not saying have a full breakfast the morning of, but at least have something small to make sure the day gets off to a good start. Equally, make sure you take time to enjoy your reception meal – saying hello and thank you to guests can happen before and after.

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